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Hereford Beef

Hereford Cows

Herefordshire Beef is renowned for its unique flavour and marbling of the meat. 

All of our Hereford Beef is sourced locally from Farmer Thomas’s farm in Herefordshire and we are sure you will agree it is some of the finest beef you will have tasted.

All of our produce is Farm assured, this means meeting rigorous standards regarding food safety and animal welfare among many other standards, for further information please visit Red Tractor Website .

Heggies Tips on how to spot ‘Good Beef’

  • Meat should always be firm to the touch.
  • The lean should be a bright red with brownish tinge. A very dark colour and dry appearance usually indicates that the meat has been cut and exposed to the air for some time, or that is from an old and inferior animal.
  • The flesh should contain small flecks of fat. This is known as ‘marbling’ which produces tenderness when cooked. No amount of outside fat is a substitute for this. Very lean meat is often flavourless and tough.
  • The fat should be creamy in colour, from light to dark cream. At some times of the year it can be almost yellow. This does not indicate cow beef (tough) but is due to certain breeding and feeding.