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Our Classic Steak Sarnie Recipe

The Steak Sarnie

What you’ll need:

2 Onions

Balsamic Vinegar 100ml (ish) (or red wine vinegar or cider vinegar)

Dijon mustard

Butter – knob of

Olive Oil – glug of

Mixed Salad leaves

Bread – anything you like, ciabatta, baguette, brown / white or even wraps!

What to do:

Get your steaks out the fridge nice and early, bring them to room temperature.

Slice onions into rings, put butter and a glug of oil in a non stick frying pan on a medium heat, once melted add onions and pour in balsamic (or red wine / cider vinegar whichever you have available) cook through until caramelised.

Rub steak with oil and season with salt & pepper – when your pan is roaring hot, chuck on the steaks and cook to your preference

Steak how to guide (based on 2cm thick steak)

Rare – about 1.5 mins a side

Medium – about 2.5 mins a side

Well – about 4 mins a side


Slice steak to 1cm thick and churn around in the juices

Take your bread (this can be toasted if you prefer) and smother on some dijon, layer with caramelised onions, steak and a handful of mixed leaves!

Tuck in

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